Who needs a gingerbread house when you can make a gourmet popcorn shed!

I’m going to be honest…this recipe is a little bit fiddly but totally worth it as it’s so deliciously tasty and has a big WOW factor!

The popcorn house is very versatile. It can be made for the festive season, an alternative to a birthday cake or just because!

Not only is this recipe completely gluten free but it also requires no baking!


MAKES | 1 shed/house





3 sheds of Popcorn Shed Salted Caramel Gourmet Popcorn

4 tbsp unsalted butter

300g of marshmallows



1 to 2 large egg whites, or 4 teaspoons dried egg whites

675g/1½ lb royal icing

1/4 cup water

Smarties/ M&Ms/ jelly bellys/ jelly tots/ skittles or any colourful sweets



Gingerbread house cookie cutters


Wooden spoon

Big plastic bowl

Piping bag




Melt the butter, and marshmallows together in a saucepan on a low heat. 

Gentle stir until the marshmallows have fully melted and is smooth.

Empty the Salted Caramel Sheds into a mixing bowl and pour the marshmallow mixture from the saucepan over the popcorn.

Stir with a wooden spoon until all popcorn is coated.

Quickly pour into the house tin and press popcorn mixture down so that it’s compact.

Place into the fridge to set.

Once you have all the pieces of the Shed/house you are ready to stick it together using royal icing (the glue).



Whisk the egg whites or dried egg whites with the royal icing and water until it’s a stiff consistency.

Place royal icing into icing bag and cut a small hole in the end of the icing bag.

Glue sides, front and back of shed together at corners using royal icing. Place an object against the pieces to prop up until icing is dry (it only takes a few minutes).

Once dry glue the space on and hold in place with royal icing.

Once dried, glue on the decorations.

Serve and enjoy!


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