Chocolate makes everything better and that’s just a simple fact of life. You can’t go wrong with gourmet popcorn, either. Together, you have the dream combination of chocolate and popcorn - it never fails to disappoint! We love chocolate here at Shedquarters, which is why we created 5(!) different flavours of chocolate popcorn. Because World Chocolate Day is coming up this week, we thought it'd be fun to tell you a bit more about them.

Chocolate Popcorn Flavour Bundle

The chocolate flavour of all chocolate flavours! We coat our air-popped corn with a rich and smooth cocoa-infused caramel base, and then top it with a layer of Belgian milk chocolate. Double the chocolate means double deliciousness! Pop’n’Choc is guaranteed to provide a jaw dropping chocolate taste experience.

Fun fact: Did you know that Pop’n’Choc was one of our three original flavours when we launched Popcorn Shed in 2016? Back then, it was called ‘Rich Chocolate’ and was housed in a brown shed. Though it got a bit of an update since then, the flavour is still exactly the same!

Salted Caramel
As another one of our three original flavours from 2016, Salted Caramel has always been one of our bestsellers. Wanna know why? Each monster mushroom kernel is air popped to create fluffy popcorn and then it’s lightly coated with a delicious caramel and... drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate, enhancing flavour and mouth-feel to create the perfect salted caramel snack. Doesn’t that sound incredible? Our mouths are watering at the thought of it!

Fun fact: did you know that our Salted Caramel popcorn ‘shed’ is inspired by dreamy days in Great British seaside beach huts (minus the rain)? Each shed has its own theme, which makes this our Beach Shed!

A magical mixture of fruity tart raspberry and indulgent smooth rich dark chocolate… Doesn’t that sound absolutely incredible? Our Berry-licious flavour is one of our most unique flavours and if you love dark chocolate and trying out new things, we’d highly recommend you give it a go!

Fun fact: Often at consumer shows this is the flavour that surprises customers the most. Customers think they won’t like this flavour as they usually don't buy dark chocolate or fruity flavoured products, however, the fruit and dark chocolate fusion wins them over every time and it becomes an instant favourite!

Cookies & Cream
We already had some flavours with milk and dark chocolate, but wanted to add something to our range for white chocolate lovers. We had all been big fans of cookies and cream flavoured products, which made us really want to introduce this as a new gourmet popcorn flavour. The two combined makes the most delicious and crunchy creation: white chocolate caramel popcorn with cookie crumb pieces!

Fun fact: Because the popcorn is covered in white chocolate, we call this shed our Snow Shed. Even though this flavour is a sweet and comforting popcorn snack to enjoy with hot chocolate on a cold winter day, it’s available all year round as we think it tastes just as good in summer!

Birthday Cake
Here at Shedquarters it's always a celebration and there ain't no party like a popcorn party! Our Birthday cake popcorn bonanza is sprinkled with love and birthday-tastic wishes wrapped up in a bow because every day should be deliciously special. This vanilla cake caramel popcorn with white chocolate and birthday cake sprinkles makes the best of every party!

Fun fact: Here at Popcorn Shed HQ we think it's always time to celebrate, as it's always someone's birthday... somewhere. That’s why we created this sweet and crunchy popcorn flavour, with actual multicoloured sprinkles! It’s basically a birthday cake without the mess. What are you waiting for? We strongly recommend you try this one, whether it’s your birthday or not. We’re sure you won’t regret it!

And… which one makes your mouth water? All of these flavours are available in our signature sheds, portion sized snack packs, gift jars and new mega bags. Can’t choose which one to eat first? Why not try our Ultimate Chocolate Popcorn Bundle to taste them all? A perfect treat for yourself, or to gift to a chocolate lover. Enjoy!

Which chocolate flavour would you like to try? Let us know on socials @popcornshed, by replying to this blog post or through for a chance to win our Ultimate Chocolate Popcorn Bundle with all 5 flavours!

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