Whether you've been eating plant based for years, are just getting into it or you want to try something new this month, we're here to provide the snacks. Especially if you're just starting out, a vegan diet can be a bit overwhelming and there's a lot to learn about what you can and can't eat. That doesn't mean you have to miss out on any of the good stuff, though!

Because we want our popcorn to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, we've created a selection of delicious vegan popcorn flavours. Let us tell you more about them below.

Mini Pop! vegan mini popcorn range


Mini Pop!

There was a time when the only vegan popcorn on the shelves was sea salt, but we're here to say: no more boring popcorn! Mini Pop! is our mini popcorn range which contains 6 scrumptious flavours, all fully vegan and gluten free:

Sea Salt

Sweet & Salty

Salt & Vinegar


White Truffle

Maple Bacon

It's made of an ancient type of corn which pops into much smaller pieces of popcorn. These small kernels are easier to digest and don't get stuck in your teeth. What's not to love?! Available in handy single portion bags and family sized sharing bags. Check out our tasting pack if you want to try them all!

Vegan Butterscotch

Our fan favourite in one of our signature sheds. We coat our air popped corn with a deliciously rich and sweet caramel made with coconut oil instead of butter. To top it off, we add a pinch of sea salt to balance the sweetness perfectly. Wanna know more about our bestselling vegan gourmet popcorn flavour? Read or blog post here.

Looking for the perfect vegan gift for birthday, amazing achievement or just as a little pick me up? Have a look at our vegan gourmet popcorn letterbox gift! Filled with three delicious vegan popcorn flavours (two of which are exclusive to the gift box and are not available in sheds!) it's the perfect little treat for yourself and the ones you love.

In need of some more vegan gift inspiration? Check out all of our vegan popcorn products here.

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