Step aside, cheese! It’s time for popcorn and wine to shine.

Welcome to Shedquarters! Firstly, thank you for POPping by and welcome to our popcorn and drinks pairing guide. Whether you’re a wine Wendy, a pale ale Paul, or a juicy Jenny, we’re going to pair our popcorn with your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

For too long now, cheese and wine have been the ultimate partners in crime. Here at Popcorn Shed, we’re here to dismantle the norm and show you that popcorn and drink pairings have a place in this world!

You’re probably wondering, does popcorn go with beer? I know it seems crazy - but we’ve tried and tested - and we’re loving it. Hops and Pops! Everybody grab a glass and a bottle opener - let's shape a new culinary friendship.


Popcorn and drinks pairing guide


Hopefully our guide has corn-vinced you to give one of our dreamy popcorn and drink pairings a go! Next time you’re enjoying a frosty one, why not corn-sider having some Salt and Vinegar Mini Pop? Not sure which of our popcorn flavours you’re going to fall in love with? Check out our Sweet vs Savoury Popcorn Scale and find the perfect pop for you!

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