S N A C K  P A C K S  ! 

Introducing our new guilt free snack packs!

Each 28g pack is under 140 calories!

Snack packs are available in the following exceptionally tasty flavours:

When Popcorn Shed launched in 2016 with the signature ‘sheds’ we were aiming at the gifting and luxury end of the market. The eating occasion was very much for ‘sharing’ (BUT … that’s not to say that many of you didn’t share and ate it all yourself!)

We kept hearing from you loyal customers that whilst you loved our Gourmet Popcorn, the large shed wasn’t always the easiest to carry around (even though many of you did) and you craved a small snack pack version that would be more convenient to POP in your bag and enjoy that pick me up (ME TIME!) whenever you needed it.

We listened!

Our new snack packs contain the perfect portion-sized snack, designed to deliver less than 140 calories per bag!



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