With spring just around the corner, many of us are starting to think about booking that perfect getaway with family, friends or colleagues. But whether it's a weekend getaway with your mates or a summer holiday with the kids, one thing we can all agree on is that travel snacks are a must.

Long journeys in cars and on planes and trains are not complete without our favourite foods to accompany us as we get from A to B. But with motorway burger joints and chocolate bars from the in-flight trolley, none of these scream 'healthy.'

That's where popcorn comes in! These a-maize-ing kernels of corn are not only easy to transport but they're also a great healthy snack alternative to eat while you're travelling.

Why is it so hard to find healthy snacks while travelling?

As great as most travel snacks are, it can be really difficult to find healthy ones while you're travelling. Think about it, most service stations are filled with fast-food chains, overpriced sandwiches and unhealthy sweets. It can be difficult trying to find a healthier option when you're on the road.

It's the same with air travel too, as airport lounges are often filled with the same restaurants and cafes that you find in service stations. And once you're actually up in the air, you're limited to whatever travel snacks the airline serves...unless you bring your own

This is what makes popcorn a good snack for plane travel, as it can easily fit in your carry on luggage, and it's not as unhealthy and less messy than other travel snacks. As for snacks for train travel, once again popcorn is a great option, as you simply pop it in your bag (see what we did there?) and open it with minimal fuss once you've taken your seat.

It really is the ultimate travel companion!

Here are some popcorn snacks you can take with you on your next adventure!

Here at Popcorn Shed, we have a large selection of delicious popcorn options for you to take with you on your next plane, car or train journey. Our travel snacks come in a variety of different flavours, from the classics such as sweet and salted to quirky, unique ones like goats cheese and birthday cake.


Mini Pop!

Mini Pop! kernels are popsqueak-sized pieces that are half the size of the regular popcorn, but they still pack a punch!

Because of their smaller size, the popcorn won’t get stuck in your teeth, which means no awkward 'food-picking-and-making-eye-contact-with-strangers on public transport (we've all been there). Each Mini Pop! bag also contains less than 94-138 calories, making the perfect healthy snack for when you're travelling.


Snack Packs

Our gourmet popcorn Snack Packs are perfect for on-the-go snacking, making them ideal travel snacks for those overnight journeys in the car or long-haul flights. Each snack pack is also under 130 calories, so you can enjoy a little bit of indulgence as you travel without the guilt factor!


Gluten-free popcorn

Travelling when you suffer from a gluten allergy can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding suitable, but still delicious, travel snacks! At Popcorn Shed, we don't want anyone to miss out on our yummy popcorn, which is why we have a large selection of gluten-free snacks for plane travel, car journeys and more!

Some of our favourite popcorn options for travelling include our Mini Pop! Tasting Variety Pack and our Snack Pack Celebration Bundle.



Eating plant-based is a great way to lead a healthier lifestyle, but sometimes the options available out there don't make it easy to eat clean, or, let's be honest, are downright dull. So, whether you're a committed vegan or just an occasional plant-based eater, you'll love our selection of vegan travel snacks.

Plus, at Popcorn Shed, we don't limit our vegan customers to options like sea salt, oh no! We also have fun and exciting popcorn flavours like White Truffle and Butterscotch for you to happily munch on during your journey.

You'll never have to eat a boring grab-and-go salad again!

Got a long journey coming up? Shop the range of popcorn travel snacks from Popcorn Shed

If you're planning a trip away with your friends or family, why not pack some of our delicious popcorn products into your suitcase for the ultimate travel snack? We have a large collection of popcorn on offer, including our letterbox popcorn, which can be easily posted to you through your letterbox.

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If all this talk of popcorn has made you hungry then don't hesitate to browse our full range and pop some into your basket. Oh, and don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list for all the latest news and tasty discounts!

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