Yes you heard us correctly: Science and food - come with us on a journey through the science of popcorn. What’s more, chewing aids concentration, so we ask you to grab a bag of Popcorn Shed’s yummy, yummy corn and have a read of our new, exciting guide looking into how popcorn POPS!

First of all, let’s look at the different types of corn that form our favourite flavours. The two main contenders in the UK are butterfly and mushroom kernels. Butterfly popcorn is a popular theatre go-to; It’s ridged edges are a-maize-ing at holding salty seasonings, whereas mushroom popcorn is fluffier, with loads of tiny cracks, allowing for sticky sauces to cling onto them. Yum! Read more about mushroom and butterfly kernels here


Time to get technical with popcorn

There are three elements in a popcorn seed or kernel that come together to form delicious, fluffy, aromatic and darn right delectable popcorn. 

The outer of a popcorn kernel, whether it’s a butterfly or mushroom kernel, all have an impermeable casing known as the pericarp. This shell is what holds all of the magic inside it, when exposed to heat with the starch and water content inside the kernel, something beautiful is created. The water inside the kernel forms a steam and starts to expand, turning the starch inside into a gel-like substance. 


What’s that noise?

So once this chemical reaction is well-under-way, the popping time can vary from anywhere between two to four minutes - you’ll know when the process is nearing the end, as you’ll be greeted with the delightful popping sound. Almost time to tuck in! 


The pressure is building! 

As the steam continues to apply pressure inside the pericarp, eventually when the shell cannot hold the pressure, it bursts open releasing the gel. As the gel oxidises, it rapidly solidifies and forms what we know as popcorn! 

Poppin’ kernels is so easy, and allows to get creative in the kitchen. Whether you prefer to whack it in the microwave and come back to a big bowl of fluffy corn, or you like to watch the magic happen right before your eyes - there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have!


Where is popcorn created?

Corn must be cultivated and harvested before we add the heat to the kernel and decide what scrumptious flavour to add. The United States produces nearly all of the world's popcorn, with 25 states farming the crop. Quickly following the States is China, Brazil and Argentina. Check out our guide to popcorn toppings to inspire your guests at your next party, or pot luck!


Our favourite flavours at Popcorn Shed

We couldn't let you leave without looking at our recipes page to find new and innovative ways to enjoy popcorn. Our gourmet popcorn spans across every flavour you can think of, from sweet & salty, to cheese flavours all the way to truffle! Yes, truffle! Take our word for it, and try them all, you won’t be disappointed.

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