Corn has come a long way since it was cultivated in South America in 4700BC, and since its appearance on the big screen in the 1930s, we've had the pleasure of calling this grain a favourite snack. However, popcorn is only at the beginning of a lifetime full of possibilities.

Whilst we’re a nation of tea lovers, we normally accompany it with a slice of cake. But here at Shedquarters, we're breaking the mould and elevating tea time to a whole new level of excitement! Get ready, we’re about to take you on a journey through our flavours, with the Shedquarters poppin’ guide to popcorn toppings.

Healthy, hearty and homemade popcorn toppings

When it comes to snack time, us Brits take pride in our ability to make even the dullest of snacks pop. Luckily, we specialise in gourmet popcorn, so you can rest assured our flavours sparkle on their own, however, with a bit of vavavoom, they can be elevated to a new level of flavour explosion!

First things first, you need to understand your own corny preference, so we have devised a clever little guide to help you determine which epic gourmet popcorn flavour you are, check it out!

Sweet popcorn toppings

Perfect for snacking with the little ones, we guarantee these recipes will catch your eye. These popcorn toppings for kids are not only accessible and cheap, but they’re a healthy popcorn topping alternative, too!

Banana and chocolate popcorn

This is one of our favourite toppings for poppin! Simply add a generous drizzle of melted chocolate over your popcorn and shake it up with slices of banana to add a little gourmet to your movie night. We love to add this to jazz up any sweet flavour, but we found it sits just right with our berry-licious and butterscotch flavours!

Shedquarters top tip: Use dark chocolate to bring down the sugar count!

Marshmallow and cinnamon popcorn

Did somebody say s’mores? Drawing inspiration from our friends across the big pond, these simple but effortlessly delicious partners in crime are a great addition to any of our sweet variety and toffee flavours! Simply add a little bit of butter to your favourite Popcorn Shed kernels, then dust them with cinnamon and add the marshmallows to create a nostalgic movie night snack!

Shedquarters top tip: To impart that campfire experience, lightly melt the marshmallows over an open flame.

White chocolate and pistachio popcorn

We go coo-coo for chocolate and nuts at Shedquarters, and whilst this is our favourite combination, you could pair a nut of your choosing with your favourite chocolate to create an unforgettable treat! This crunchy popcorn allis pairs perfectly with our peanut butter and salted caramel popcorn flavours!

Shedquarters top tip: Shake vigorously for effective coating and maximum YUMS!

Savoury popcorn toppings

We understand that the scale of sweet and salted popcorn lovers is easily tipped, therefore we decided to offer some of our more bizarre savoury popcorn toppings for you to try! Not sure where you sit? Check out our sweet vs savoury popcorn scale.

Ceviche popcorn

Stop everything and take a look at this! Going back to popcorn’s South American roots, we were inspired to share this alternative popcorn topping. Fresh lime juice, chilli, coriander, red onion and a generous helping of king prawns will add a fresh, latino twist to your popcorn! Wow the crowds at your next summer soiree with our ceviche popcorn, perfectly paired with sea salted, and salt and vinegar Mini Pop! varieties.

Shedquarters top tip: You can make this topping vegan-friendly by opting out of the fish.

Nacho popcorn

We’re kidding it’s totally YOUR popcorn, and what a way to zhoosh it up with this nacho popcorn recipe. So simple, so tasty and a great addition to any garden party. Take some sliced black olives, fresh jalapenos and a bit of cheddar cheese and add them to a warm bowl of your favourite popcorn.

Shedquarters top tip: For cheese lovers, why not try combining all of our cheese flavours to make this nacho recipe extra special?

Salt ‘N’ Pepper popcorn

An ode to the masters of East Asian cuisine, salt ‘n’ pepper popcorn is a wonderful way to add that take-away essence to your smörgåsbord of snacks! Fry up some onions and fresh peppers in soy sauce, then combine them with fresh chillies and spring onions. Why not try this topping with our truffle popcorn for a real earthy kick!

Shedquarters top tip: When adding chillies be aware of spice tolerance!
Feeling inspired by our popcorn topping guide?


All these homemade popcorn toppings are a fun way to get the family together and try something new! Join our mailing list to stay up to date on all the events at Shedquarters and other fun, intriguing recommendations like our popcorn and drinks pairing guide!

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